Weekend Recap | Baby Birds, Peach Trees, and Border Collies

Oh, the ups and downs a weekend can bring.

We started our weekend with some campfire food. We are craving camping like no other. Unfortunately, camping parks are still closed due to Covid-19 so the best we could do was a fire pit and some tin-foil to prepare a meal.

It was sooo good and I’ll be posting a how to tomorrow but that’s not the point of where I’m going.

Saturday morning started off much like any other day. I had to work so after preparing my breakfast I took my dogs out to go potty.

On this potty trip I just happened to look over at our back porch where I see smoke, SMOKE, coming from our fire pit which we had used the night before.

Now, let it be noted that I reminded my husband that the bottom was rusted out of the bottom of our beloved fire pit. To which he replied, “Nah, it’s got one more use in it.”


I guess by one more use he meant if it were to BURN A WHOLE through our back porch then sure, it definitely had one more use in it.

That was the source of the smoke. Smoldering wood from our deck that had I not have looked over would probably have extended down to the leaves and plastic under our deck.

Which would have quickly spread to the rest of the deck and to the house.

Let me just say, praise the Lord that we still have a home because HOW things didn’t get out of hand during the night I do not know.

Once I dumped buckets and buckets of water to put out what was smoldering, my father-in-law showed up to run the water hose so that I wouldn’t be late for work.

If you’re reading this and live away from family, I have no idea how you do it. Sometimes living where we live, life happens and it really does take a village.

After work, the afternoon was pretty uneventful. I found my energy levels to be really low as the weather here went from spring and sunshine to clouds and cold, rainy days.

I spent the rest of the evening cleaning and preparing meals. We did introduce our hen flock to their soon-to-be home. I think they liked all the extra room. Let me just say, I think we are in for a really big adventure here because our Husky is obsessed…and not in a good way. There is work to be done to desensitize her to their presence. Hens are friends, not food. Yikes.

Sunday was not much different. I found myself deep in thought majority of the time wondering what house projects to start following the completion of the coop and ways to nurture our garden in it’s beginning stages.

So much life is happening around us and it is my true source of happiness during this time.

We now have humming birds present on our front porch, baby birds nestled on our rain gutter and in our local peach trees, rose buds are begging to open towards the sunshine, and of course baby chicks sprouting wings like weeds.

The beginnings of a peach!

It’s madness and serenity all in one.

I want to start each week expressing my gratitude for the things that currently bring me joy. Feel free to join along in the comments!

  1. Humming birds and homemade nectar
  2. Trees creating a natural tunnel over our driveway
  3. The sun as it beams through the trees in the morning.

Have a happy week, friends!

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