Campfire Food | Simple, Rustic, & Organic

We love love love camping.

If it’s not for the adventure and change of scenery, it’s most definitely because of the food.

Of course when we camp we pack the basic snacks like peanut butter crackers, chips, and beef jerky.

But the real delight is homemade meals made over a campfire. The aroma of campfire food as it fills the air around me is unlike any other experience.

I can easily go back in time where I’m standing next to our campfire, dogs napping in the tent, hoodie on to ward off the cooling temperatures of the evening, and a cast-iron perched atop hot coals with a homegrown, grass-fed steak browning in herbed butter.

Wow, gotta go. Gotta go load our tent really quick!

Last night we found ourselves a little burnt out on stove top meals leaving us with ump-teen million dishes that we decided to make a campfire dish at home…on our back porch…but ya know what, whatever we can make work right now!

Obviously when you go camping you can’t take your whole kitchen so we cooked with the simple basics.

  • Salt & pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Strawberries Seasoning
  • Olive oil
  • Tin foil

The easiest, no-clean-up mess is to wrap everything in tin foil.

For this particular meal we wrapped steak tips, potatoes, okra, a yellow onion, and peppers in tin foil with a light coat of olive oil to prevent sticking and the seasonings mentioned above to spice it up.

As we were standing out on the porch enjoying the spring evening, we could actually hear the steak sizzling which made me that much more excited.

I can’t really tell you a time frame per meal. I think it all just varies based on what you’re cooking. We need the potatoes needed to be tender and the steak meadium-well!

We tried to “guesstimate” our time as best we could without removing the food from the heat source as little as possible.

As I’m writing this I can literally smell and taste this meal and now I’m hungry again.

Camping food, in this case, is little about presentation and all about flavor and nourishment.

I could eat a meal like this 365 days a year and never get tired of it because you can add whatever vegetables and seasoning to like to change it up!

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