Homemade Soapapillas | The Simple Way

I use the term “homemade” loosely in this post as my tortillas weren’t from scratch. However, they were raw so that has to count for something. Right?

Obviously everything is shut down right now including our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Which means no tacos that don’t involve having to do dishes and no deep fried tortillas lathered in cinnamon, honey, and chocolate.

The other day, while shopping at Kroger I found these refrigerated, uncooked flour tortillas that have been delightful to use in dishes lately as 3 meals a day are coming from home.

They are so simple and versatile. I’ll link the exact ones here.

I’ve used them to make breakfast quesadillas all the way to this recipe and each dish makes them a good fit.

This recipe is so simple.

I mean, this came about by my husband simply asking, “Do we have anything to make soapapillas with?”

To which I asked him to google if they were typically made with flour or corn tortillas.

Which led to bickering because I’m pretty sure he googled everything but my initial question.

*sighs exasperatedly*

After what felt like 2384 minutes, the answer is flour tortillas by the way.

So, I grabbed a little sauce pan and filled it roughly 1/2 way full with vegetable oil heating it on med-high heat (a 6 on my stove but that could be a little too hot on some stoves).

In prepping my tortillas, all I did was slice them in half. Once in half, I lightly brushed egg wash around the edges and pinched closed with a fork.

Like so…

Once this is done, my oil was hot and ready so I dropped in 1 tortilla at a time. These particular tortillas fluff up quickly. I would estimate frying 40-50 seconds per side.

If you like yours with a more crispy texture, you would increase your fry time being careful not to burn them.

I immediately sprinkle with cinnamon sugar after removing from grease. This allows the mixture to adhere to the fried dough without rolling over.

And I repeat this process until I’ve fried my desired amount of tortillas.

Once they are all pretty on my plate, I drizzle the tops with raw, local honey, chocolate syrup, and a few squirts of reddi-whip.

There is nothing like a fresh soapapilla.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t have a cinnamon-sugar mixture. If you have ground cinnamon and regular pure cane sugar you can make your own with 2 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon (if you’re a cinnamon lover) and 3 parts sugar to 1 part cinnamon if you prefer less cinnamon flavor.

Be sure to tag me in your creation on instagram @lifewithelizabethwitt__!

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