Where There is Effort, There is Progress | Chicken Coop Construction

Mighty efforts and mighty minds have come together on the construction of our chicken coop. I must say, things are evolving quickly and said things are looking a little fancy.

If you missed my last post where I detail the evolution of chicken coop size 2, i’ll link that here.

If you didn’t and you’re all caught up, allow me to continue.

See that far left corner? Yeah, there’s a cute little door there which was completely constructed from scratch by my husband.

I think the best part was shortly after the door’s erection, we took turns going in and out as if we were “feeding and water the chickens”. Talk about a belly laugh.

Then, We had to take a teensy break to have a day date. Day dates are very important to prioritize when you’re as goal driven as we are. For example, it was our day to “sleep in” so we did…until 7:00 a.m. then jumped out of bed, checked the chickens, took the dogs for a walk, and started working away at the coop.

This was before breakfast. Why are we like this? No rest here.

So, we took off to a local state park to enjoy a tandem bike ride and a picnic free of phones or demands. It. was. heavenly. but it wasn’t long after that…

That we got back to work. In a new location! Now, our coop is nestled between a few shade trees with a brick in-lay foundation and…

A very aesthetic brick entry point thoughtfully crafted by, yet again, my husband.

Things are moving along rather quickly. I’m very eager to get to the finished product as our sweet chicks will be ready to adjust in just 5-ish weeks!

Speaking of the chicks, they are growing rapidly. Feathers are starting to look adult-ish and appetites are also increasing. Which also means a lot of poop. Yayyyyyy.

Structurally speaking, the coop should be done in the next week or so and then comes the exterior design which is executively operated by me. No pressure, right?

With love, Liz.

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