Letting Go: The Liberation


Hello fellow bloggers, viewers, and friends. I must say it has been quite some time since I have sat down to add my thoughts to this page; and by some time I mean an entire summer. Life is just funny like that. One minute you feel this passion and excitement that inspires thousands of thoughts. Then, the next minute you enter this emotionally suppressed grey area that diminishes expressive elements within a mind. Nonetheless, I am with a restless mind and a million thoughts to share.

I have just recently returned to school and in doing so I have been presented with several emotions. As Fall rolls around I am always filled with this sense of a new beginning. How odd, right? I mean, it is not even January 1st and here I am feeling re-birthed.  The beauty within this so called fresh feeling is that with it comes inspiration, concentration, and liberation. It is also the beginning of a season, a semester, and hopefully new friendships.

How easy is it for routine and responsibility to reek havoc on our mindset, well-being, and relationships? Here we are about to endure  restless routine that leave us feeling nothing short of exhausted. As if being exhausted, over-worked, and over-stressed was not enough, life decides to throw in an extra side of butt kicking because the misfortunes of your already bad day(s) just were not enough. Perhaps your boss cut your pay, your professor gives a horrid pop-quiz, or your “supporters” are actually only there for themselves. Great. This might be a typical day in our predisposed hustle and bustle lifestyle. And with this lifestyle comes a heavy, excruciating pain that we carry emotionally and on our shoulders. After all, we all expect ourselves to be super human.

Here is where life gets really tricky though. There is this action, a choice per say, that I believe we sometimes forget is an option. That option would be called ‘letting go’. Let go of that emotional baggage causing you to toss and turn in a cold, empty room. Let go of the anger you feel for being let down time after time with your own expectations, by the ones you needed the most, or the ones you cherished the most. Let go of the negativity that confines yourself to that grey area we all so desperately try to avoid.

“Whoever continually humbles himself to become like this gentle child is the greatest one in Heaven’s kingdom realm” Mathew 13:3. Ask yourself as to why is it that we so perilously hold on to the things that are slowing tearing us apart and breaking the foundation of who we truly are. Within both life and faith, there is always a need for letting go. Liberate yourself from what you can not control, the fear of the unknown, and this self-created mentality that causes us to “beat our self up” for not being perfect. Ambiguity can be a beautiful thing, my friends. Take a stand for yourself. Sometimes, it is necessary to distance yourself from the noise, business, and knowing. We are insatiably curious, resilient, and loving creatures. Let us not be restrained in the grasps of any one thing that prompts us to be anything less. Seek fortitude, liberation is sure to follow.

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