Holler Honey Farm

Holler Honey Farm is the place we call home. It is currently operational with bees, 2 horses, 4 dogs, numerous chickens, and a 3,200 sq ft garden! We try to grow most of our own food. What we can’t grow ourselves, we source locally. We want our farm to be a gathering place for friends and family. A space that encourages happiness and creates community. We hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we enjoy sharing it!


  • 7 Tips for Growing Large Onions

    Onions are one of this crops I completely overlooked my first 2 years gardening. It’s insanity really because if I had to list out the top three things we utilize and consume in my kitchen it would be onions, garlic, and butter. Probably in that order. When I first planted onions, I had no idea…


  • Where to Buy the Best Quality Garden Seeds Online

    Good quality garden seeds are an essential component to the overall success and yield of your garden. I’ve bought amazing quality seeds and I’ve bought poor quality seeds but I’m here to make a compilation of my favorite and most trusted seed companies for you to purchase seeds from.


  • What to Grow In A Tea Garden

    I giggle even writing this post as someone who never grew up with any exposure to herbal teas and lived on a standard American hydration system of bottled soda and diabetic inducing sweet tea. However, with growth comes change and I LOVE a good cup of tea with our very own honey to help me…


  • One Container for Growing All of Your Herbs

    Are you limited on growing space but want fresh aromatics and flavor at your fingertips? Maybe you are new to gardening, feel unsure of where to begin, and prefer a simple start. I’ve said it once and I will say it again: if there were ONE (type) of thing I would grow year after year,…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! Creator and Heart behind Holler Honey Farm

The inspiration behind this space came shortly after becoming a young wife who fell in love with gardening and homemaking. I am a firm believer that both can go hand in hand. If you have goals similar to mine when it comes to cultivating a peaceful, orgnaized home and growing your own food– then this is the place for you. Welcome!


  • The Rhythms and Routines of your Home

    There should be a major emphasis on the way a home runs. Whether you have children, inside pets, an empty nest, ample space, or a quaint cottage; the way your home functions and flows on a day-to-day basis can be the difference between a peaceful day or a chaotic one.


  • Welcome Back

    I’m taking the plunge and devoting much more of my time to this space right here. I’ve moved homes, I feel as though I’ve somewhat settled into the rhythm of motherhood, and I’m ready to share with you all my thoughts and tips about homemaking, cooking, and gardening.