One Pot Taco Mess | Perfect for When You’re Low on Groceries

My momma, bless her, she’s been an excellent cook my whole life. I think the think I love most about her cooking is how simple it always was. She could take 3 ingredients and make a whole meal, of which I would consume in large amounts. This recipe is seriously one of my childhood favorites and when it came time to cook supper last night I realized we were super low on groceries when I remember, I have some staples that I could whip this up!

I’m calling this recipe a taco mess because a. Taco seasoning and b. Meat and rice dish didn’t sound appealing. It’s super simple and bound to feed a whole family! I was able to have plenty left over for another 2 meals today! I kept the simple theme by oven roasting some zucchini and potatoes, but I also enjoy it when I make it into a salad of sorts.

I’m a ranch addict and my husband likes sour cream and I found that it is delicious topped with both! Hope y’all enjoy!

What I Learned My First Year of Marriage

I have a lot of readers who visit this page regarding posts around marriage, relationships, and what I hope comes across as honesty— even if it can be brutal. I should precede this post by saying I truly love marriage and I love my marriage, but that does not mean I am exempt from learning. If I am being completely honest, marriage is -like- 99.99999% learning— no one is a professional.

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“When Did You Know was the Right Time to get Married?”

Last week I decided to open up my direct messages for anyone who had questions that I had not yet answered. As much as I love sharing my experience and all that entails, I want to provide content that actually interests my readers.

I got and still get this question all. the. time. and I love answering it because I feel like “knowing the right time” to get married has been so beneficial to starting marriage out on the right foot.

So, I feel like I should start from the beginning.

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The Problem with a Love Language

Everyone loves differently. For those of you don’t know, the wildly popular book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman has rocked the world of many in categorizing the way we love our significant others.

I’ll admit that I have indeed taken the quiz. My #1 love language is physical touch or as I like to call it “physical affection” and knowing this can guide my relationship as well as complicate my relationship. Continue reading