Give Yourself Power

Power. A concept I have come to realize is elusive in its entirety to myself and most likely 80%-90% of this blog’s audience.

When I decided that I was going to start a blog, I jumped feet first into the blogosphere. For years I had been following bloggers from a wide variety of categories– fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, etc. I felt consumed in this realm of content that left me feeling empty and wanting to live a life that was unattainable for my preferences and my resources.

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Micellar Water Cleanser vs. Typical Face Wash | How I Transformed My Skin With Drugstore Products

Skin care. Now, I’ve never been one to buy fancy skin care products nor have I developed a super elaborate skin care routine. I do, however, struggle with hormonal breakouts and textured skin due to just life in general. Air pollution, sweat, puppy kisses, etc.

I would wash and scrub my face every night and morning. Then, I tried just washing my face once a day thinking that would be less irritating. I tried simple face wash, exfoliating face wash, sensitive skin type stuff…nothing was helping.

I was still ending up with rosy, irritated cheeks and nose which left me feeling like I had to wear make-up everyday for an even complexion.

On a whim, I bought the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water and began using it as a make-up remover vs. wipes. I saw improvement in my skin within a couple of weeks.

Then, I went to my local store and found micellar foaming cleanser by the same brand. That’s all I’ve used for about a 1.5 years now and I experience way less break outs. I go without make-up more often than not now.

Here’s my almost empty bottle. 😂

3 Simple Things We Do for A Healthy Relationship| In It for the Long Haul

Relationships. We love them, we hate them, we base our lives around them. So, if that is your case; why would you not put the effort into your relationship to nurture and grow it?

I’ve always been a “relationship type” girl–most lasting long term but that doesn’t always mean they were healthy. At least, not in a last-a-lifetime type of way.

In my past, faulty communication, jealousy, and other external factors have ruined my relationships. Which is why when I met my husband, I did a SIGNIFICANT amount of self-reflection and self-growth– busting down walls and changing my ways because I knew I did not. want. to. lose. this. one.

Believe me when I say, entering into a long-term committal relationship can pose its own obstacles. But, it’s not what you think. When I got married, it took me a little bit to realize the way I approached and reacted to situations was almost solely based on the example set forth by authority figures in my life thus far.

It took me a while to restructure my ideologies of what I wanted my relationship to be and how I wanted to conduct myself within that relationship. After all, it is my choice.

So, after a few really difficult conversations and learning experiences along the way; we have incorporated a few healthy habits to create quality in our marriage.

A Morning/Evening Walk

We almost always start or end our days with a simple walk. We are so blessed to have a beautiful walking trail right in our backyard. Taking a walk is so simple and it’s FREE! Walking together opens the door for some great conversation and allows you to check out of any media or interruptions for a little while. Some of our best conversations and goal setting has come from these walks.

A “Thank You” a Day

In our relationship, we find it very important to be intentional. And as we all know, intentions can be good or bad. We do our best to say “thank you” for at least one thing a day– wether that be an act of service or for simply being a listening ear. In this house, gratitude is everything.

“The” Act of Service

Okay, so without that headline sounding totally creepy; we each have what simple things that can start or end our day on a good or bad note. For him, it is coffee. I make his coffee every morning. When we were first together, I made a point to learn how he preferred his coffee so that I could always brew it and bring it to him in the mornings. It is honestly one of my favorite parts of the day because I feel like I am doing a good act and he gets his caffeine fix. Mine act of service occurs in the evening. I so appreciate that my husband takes the time to shut down the house. I do not know why that is such a dreaded part of my nighttime routine but I usually am first to lay down and the mere thought of having to get back up in 10 or 15 minutes to shut everything down just drives me crazy. Unfailingly, he will shut everything down AND plug in my phone and turn off my lamp. Otherwise, I am NOTORIOUS to have a phone run off of about 15% every day for not plugging it in.

We both fully acknowledge that if we are lucky enough to spend many many years together, it will take work. Just like anything else, we try to keep the foundation of our days and routine simple and positive. Who knows, maybe this sets a good example for others in the process!

Comment below some simple things you do for a healthy relationship!