My Favorite Comfort Meal | Smothered Chicken and Rice

There are many things I carried with me into marriage and becoming a homemaker. Many of which consist of my Mom’s excellent comfort meals that taste like they took hours to make, when in reality they are quick and simple. Smothered chicken and rice is something I like to throw together…yes, literally throw…when I am exhausted from my day and want to wash as few dishes as possible. 4 ingredients and 2 spices, let’s go!


Two Life Changing Kitchen Items | Time Savers & Less Mess

I’ll admit it, I am a messy cook. The type where you can’t see the stove/have a million dishes after dinner cook. I hate it but I come by it honestly. (Sorry, Mom!)

One of the items I’m about to talk about I had no idea even existed as I received it as a wedding gift, but it literally makes cooking so. much. easier.

The other I learned about through my momma and it involves bacon…lots and lots of bacon.

Spill Stoppers

I cannot tell y’all how many times I have been boiled potatoes or pasta, walked away for TWO SECONDS, only to come back to an overflowing pot of boiled water. These seriously changed the game for me! No matter how much of a rolling boil is going on in cook-town, there will be no spillage.

A Bacon Pan for the Oven

That’s right, cooking bacon in the oven. First of all, WHY HAVEN’T WE ALWAYS DONE THIS? Why doesn’t everyone cook bacon this way? I have so many questions because it is literally so simple and way way less messy than pan frying. I also find I can get a more even crisp when I bake it in the oven.

So, take it from someone who learned the hard way:

You DO NOT want to use anything other than a deep-dish pan to cook your bacon in the oven. Why, may you ask? Because when bacon cooks it produces an insane amount of grease that WILL spill over when you try to remove the pan from the oven.

Or so I thought. This pan has the space of a cookie sheet and prevents grease spillage. It is also SUPER easy to clean. Go mom for this find!