Be an Understanding Spouse | One Way I Am Surviving School

School and marriage; two things that, when put place in the same life scenario, sends people running for the hills filled with fear. Occupational Therapy Assisstant school is single handedly the hardest schooling I have ever endured, and 90% of that is totally my fault. I put all of this unnecessary pressure on myself to be the perfect student with the perfect grades, to know as much as I can about as many things as I can so that when I graduate I can provide skilled services and help improve people’s lives. Where does that leave me? Better yet, where does that leave my marriage?

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What I Learned My First Year of Marriage

I have a lot of readers who visit this page regarding posts around marriage, relationships, and what I hope comes across as honesty— even if it can be brutal. I should precede this post by saying I truly love marriage and I love my marriage, but that does not mean I am exempt from learning. If I am being completely honest, marriage is -like- 99.99999% learning— no one is a professional.

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“When Did You Know was the Right Time to get Married?”

Last week I decided to open up my direct messages for anyone who had questions that I had not yet answered. As much as I love sharing my experience and all that entails, I want to provide content that actually interests my readers.

I got and still get this question all. the. time. and I love answering it because I feel like “knowing the right time” to get married has been so beneficial to starting marriage out on the right foot.

So, I feel like I should start from the beginning.

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