My Favorite Comfort Meal | Smothered Chicken and Rice

There are many things I carried with me into marriage and becoming a homemaker. Many of which consist of my Mom’s excellent comfort meals that taste like they took hours to make, when in reality they are quick and simple. Smothered chicken and rice is something I like to throw together…yes, literally throw…when I am exhausted from my day and want to wash as few dishes as possible. 4 ingredients and 2 spices, let’s go!


One Pot Taco Mess | Perfect for When You’re Low on Groceries

My momma, bless her, she’s been an excellent cook my whole life. I think the think I love most about her cooking is how simple it always was. She could take 3 ingredients and make a whole meal, of which I would consume in large amounts. This recipe is seriously one of my childhood favorites and when it came time to cook supper last night I realized we were super low on groceries when I remember, I have some staples that I could whip this up!

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