How I Handle Leftovers | My Favorite Storage Containers

I had a sweet girly message me a few weeks back wanting all the details on leftovers, how I store them, and how long I keep them.

So major disclaimer, I’m super picky about food. If I even have the slightest worry that my leftovers wouldn’t be safe to eat, I toss them. However, I received these storage containers as a wedding gift and I l o v e them. On top of the fact they AREN’T plastic (never ever microwave food in leftovers), they also provide an air-tight seal.

I also really love that you can very easily clean every nook easily because the seal detaches and allows room to run a sponge or wash rag through it.

OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Container 12 Piece Glass Container Set

As far as keeping my leftovers:

If its meat or fish: I have to eat them the next day. Any time after that, I toss.

If it’s veggies or bread based food: 2 days max.

If it’s pasta or soup: I keep and eat within 2 days.

I have been known to purchase more chicken than we can eat before it expires. If this is the case, I freeze it before it goes bad and will use that type of chicken for any crock-pot recipes.

So yeah, leftovers don’t happen to often around my house but when they do; this is my method. I think one of the hardest things for me cooking wise right now is learning how much to cook as to not waste. But I feel like there is also a delicate balance of not cooking enough, ya know? I’m sure some of my fellow wife subscribers can relate!

Comment on this post to let me know how things go for you!

With love, Elizabeth.

Micellar Water Cleanser vs. Typical Face Wash | How I Transformed My Skin With Drugstore Products

Skin care. Now, I’ve never been one to buy fancy skin care products nor have I developed a super elaborate skin care routine. I do, however, struggle with hormonal breakouts and textured skin due to just life in general. Air pollution, sweat, puppy kisses, etc.

I would wash and scrub my face every night and morning. Then, I tried just washing my face once a day thinking that would be less irritating. I tried simple face wash, exfoliating face wash, sensitive skin type stuff…nothing was helping.

I was still ending up with rosy, irritated cheeks and nose which left me feeling like I had to wear make-up everyday for an even complexion.

On a whim, I bought the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water and began using it as a make-up remover vs. wipes. I saw improvement in my skin within a couple of weeks.

Then, I went to my local store and found micellar foaming cleanser by the same brand. That’s all I’ve used for about a 1.5 years now and I experience way less break outs. I go without make-up more often than not now.

Here’s my almost empty bottle. 😂

Two Life Changing Kitchen Items | Time Savers & Less Mess

I’ll admit it, I am a messy cook. The type where you can’t see the stove/have a million dishes after dinner cook. I hate it but I come by it honestly. (Sorry, Mom!)

One of the items I’m about to talk about I had no idea even existed as I received it as a wedding gift, but it literally makes cooking so. much. easier.

The other I learned about through my momma and it involves bacon…lots and lots of bacon.

Spill Stoppers

I cannot tell y’all how many times I have been boiled potatoes or pasta, walked away for TWO SECONDS, only to come back to an overflowing pot of boiled water. These seriously changed the game for me! No matter how much of a rolling boil is going on in cook-town, there will be no spillage.

A Bacon Pan for the Oven

That’s right, cooking bacon in the oven. First of all, WHY HAVEN’T WE ALWAYS DONE THIS? Why doesn’t everyone cook bacon this way? I have so many questions because it is literally so simple and way way less messy than pan frying. I also find I can get a more even crisp when I bake it in the oven.

So, take it from someone who learned the hard way:

You DO NOT want to use anything other than a deep-dish pan to cook your bacon in the oven. Why, may you ask? Because when bacon cooks it produces an insane amount of grease that WILL spill over when you try to remove the pan from the oven.

Or so I thought. This pan has the space of a cookie sheet and prevents grease spillage. It is also SUPER easy to clean. Go mom for this find!

Making your House Feel Like Home | Pt. 1

As I have previously stated, my husband and I did not live together prior to getting married. This meant everything was new for me post wedding day; I had a new house which was and had been his house for roughly 4 or 5 years at this point, and a new way of living. It felt unfamiliar and much like a “man’s” home to say the least. But, throughout our dating life, we would at little touches of “us” to try and ease the transition into marriage.

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