Where to Buy the Best Quality Garden Seeds Online

Good quality garden seeds are an essential component to the overall success and yield of your garden. I’ve bought amazing quality seeds and I’ve bought poor quality seeds but I’m here to make a compilation of my favorite and most trusted seed companies for you to purchase seeds from.

First, let’s go over types of seeds.

  1. Heirloom: the “history” seed if you will. Heirloom seeds are grown in isolated conditions and passed down for generations with no cross pollination and original parent genes. When you save seeds from heirloom vegetables, when you plant that seed the following year, you will achieve the same type of fruit. This is not true for hybrid seeds.
  2. Hybrid: Cross-pollinated seeds between 2 or more parent plants that are not recommended for seed saving, (in some cases can be deemed illegal).
  3. Pelleted: normal seed with a coating to allow for easier sowing practices. Typically occurs with incredibly small seeds (carrots, herbs, etc.)
  4. Organic: seeds produced and saved without the presence of harmful chemicals.

When it comes to buying seeds, you want to purchase the highest quality, mostly heirloom variety seed you can to ensure successful yields.

I’ve purchased seed locally that was left out and exposed to high humidity, cross contamination, and expired. My germination rate was so poor, I had to throw out the seed.

But what is germination rate? Think of it like this: If you sow 4 seeds and 4 seedling emerge, then that is a 100% germination rate. If you sow 4 seeds and 2 seedling emerge, then that is a 50% germination rate.

Since 2020, I am not someone who likes to waste valuable resources (seeds) with the mentality of “sow extra just incase”. I want to plant the exact amount and expect great results.

With all of that said, let’s get into my list.

  1. Hoss Tools Premium Garden Seeds. This company has my heart. Every packet of seeds I have ever bought from them has germinated and produced beautifully.
  2. Johnnys Seeds. Great selection and good quality seeds but a common supplier so buying seeds early to avoid supply issues is a must.
  3. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. This company offers incredibly unique vegetable selections and so far, I’ve had fantastic germination and success.
  4. Kitazawaseed. I love this company for greens that are not native to my area, or country for that matter but are often super cold hardy.

Happy Gardening, friends!

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