What to Grow In A Tea Garden

I giggle even writing this post as someone who never grew up with any exposure to herbal teas and lived on a standard American hydration system of bottled soda and diabetic inducing sweet tea. However, with growth comes change and I LOVE a good cup of tea with our very own honey to help me wind down in the evenings.

For the last handful of years, I’ve grown your basic herbs including thyme, rosemary, oregano, cilantro, dill, etc. but it was not until last year when I incorporated herbal tea seeds in hopes to grow, dry, and create my own herbal mixes.

I realized how incredibly easy it is to grow all sorts of herbs, as well as how beneficial they are other vegetable plants throughout the garden in terms of pest control and they biofeedback of nutrients within the soil.

If you love herbal tea or are interested in the concept, you can absolutely select your own seeds but if you are like me and are beginning a little bit on the intimidated side, I found an inexpensive, high quality seed kit that has most, if not all the types of seeds that will be excellent for a beginner.

At Sow True Seeds, they have ALL sorts of seed kits but I am most exciting to be growing from their Herbal Tea Garden kit this year.

So far, the seeds are performing wonderfully in my greenhouse and I am anxiously awaiting their transplant in the space around my greenhouse. Since I was gifted my greenhouse, I’ve dreamt of herbs adorning her sides and filling the air with the most beautiful scents.

The best part are these plants will serve a double purpose in helping out our #1 pollinator friend: the honey bee. You know we have to consider our friends her at Holler Honey Farm. They are the basis of everything we do!

Herbal teas can serve a variety of benefits including but not limited to:

  • detox
  • headache relief
  • muscle ache relief
  • easing stomach upset
  • cough
  • congestion
  • digestive disruptions
  • mood

What are some of your favorite herbs to grow and add to teas in your home?

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