The Rhythms and Routines of your Home

There should be a major emphasis on the way a home runs. Whether you have children, inside pets, an empty nest, ample space, or a quaint cottage; the way your home functions and flows on a day-to-day basis can be the difference between a peaceful day or a chaotic one.

It took me a looooong time to establish any sort of rhythm within our home. I will admit, have a baby who I keep on a loosely structured routine and moving has helped a lot.

I’m beginning to notice just how important it is to hone in to what flows naturally here—otherwise I’m left fighting each day with clutter, messes, laundry, and an overall feeling over burnout.

With time, I’ve noticed that our days work best when they look something like this:

Wake up and head straight to the kitchen. While there, I unload the dishwasher that ran through the night as I prep our babies breakfast. Though it seems busy, it’s effective. As a result, each day I can easily utilize and find what I need without the scramble of washing a dish really quick in the midst of meal preparation.

We eat, clean up, and load our dishes into the already empty dishwasher.

Then, it is family time. If both parents are present during family time, atleast half of it is spent together and fully present. Whether that means reading books out loud, family walks, or tending to the animals—it’s always done together. Then one of us will take a break to do a quick tidy. We pick up any clothing scattered around, wipe off counter tops, and refold blankets to put in their correct place.

It’s time for baby’s nap #1 now.

During this time, I get ready for the day, fold clothes, make the bed, and most other house chores that are 5-10 mins or less.

He wakes up and we begin lunch. While I’m preparing lunch, our baby engages in some sensory play—tactile or vestibular. It’s so important for him to learn new textures and feelings (swinging from a suspended surface) and I’ve found through my job this can aid in explorative eating when done before a meal.

We then play, play, play. Play is imperative to proper development. It is not optional and it does not involve screens. Now, items with buttons (I.e a remote) is a different story.

Nap #2 comes along and that’s when I have a meal to myself usually. And maybe a nap—if I managed to get done my to-do list during nap 1.

And the day kind of repeats itself until bed time.

Once our baby is in bed, I sweep, mop, and tidy.

You are doing yourself a favor when you put your kitchen and house to bed before sauntering off to snooze yourself.

There are no surprises the next day and often very few mishaps leaving you scrambling.

Each subsection of our home (laundry, Mail, toys, etc) has a system and a place. This has made the biggest difference to keeping a tidy, restful home.

The mundane seems a little less daunting without having to constantly use mental energy as to where to place and put things.

What are ways you operate within your home that seems to help with the day-to-day?

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