Welcome Back

I’m taking the plunge and devoting much more of my time to this space right here. I’ve moved homes, I feel as though I’ve somewhat settled into the rhythm of motherhood, and I’m ready to share with you all my thoughts and tips about homemaking, cooking, and gardening.

Having a baby only to follow it up so quickly with a major house renovation and a big move all within a matter of 8 months was…a lot. I fell into some pretty unhealthy habbits with consuming everything and creating nothing.

It was a matter of survival and dissociation as I learned all the new roles and tackled all new responsibilities.

With that being said, I am feeling so at home and so at peace in our new space.

There is room for us to move about as a family without massive amounts of clutter and need for change.

Looking back now, I am glad we took the plunge and made the move; even if during the process I felt nothing but dread and stress.

I’ve taken this time to give a lot of thought as to what I want to share here and what I want this space to feel like. I have also looked at my schedule to find those little pockets of time to write and share those things so that I post regularly.

Do I have it all figured out? Probably not. But there is no hurt in trying.

I think it’s so important to note a valuable lesson I have already come to know by heart here in our new space and that is the concept of “better, not more.” I won’t lie, when I envisioned building a house someday I thought it would be grand, shiny, and full of endless storage.

I quickly realized that I didn’t need that. I wanted it. Sometimes I’m really glad things don’t work out the way we think they should. Our new space is perfect and still holds so much potential.

Ironically enough, I still ended up with the White House on the hill. The view? Breathtaking.

In the morning, we watch the sunrise from our screened in back porched where our old table from our first home now sits.

In the evening, we watch the sunset from what I’m calling our “tea patio”.

There is a backyard and front yard large enough that a special little boy will be able to roam and wander with every spec of imagination as he pleases.

The kitchen might just be the best part, though. It’s large, spacious, open, and adorned with a double oven–one must have a double oven for holidays, birthdays, and those dinners were you have a casserole and a loaf of sourdough break going at the same time. It also has a walk in pantry that makes my heart burst with joy. For the first time in 5 years I don’t have to store cookware in my bedroom. That alone makes me so happy.

We compromised on certain spaces due to the original structure from which we renovated. For example, our previous closet could have counted as a small bedroom and now, though it is still considered a walk-in closet, required me to donate several bags of clothing, purses, and shoes. All is well though. Remember, our new mantra is “better, not more.”

Oh friends, there is so much to say. I feel like a have a bad case of word vomit. I hope you enjoy this new season of life right along with me. May we grow together and learn a lot!

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