An Update

I’m a firm believer that creativity comes when the body and mind are at peace. Peace usually means there is a stillness about you and my life is currently anything by “still”…or peaceful for that matter.

We are on the go right now as we make the final push in building our new home, working our normal jobs, and raising our baby.

Between the countless trips to the hardware store for paint, paint brushes, trim, or inspiration– there is hardly no time for the fun stuff, much less the important stuff (ya know, like cooking meals and doing laundry so your house isn’t one big pig stye).

I’ve never been good as the seasons change, and this season of our life is nearing the end.

I can feel in when I lay my head down at night and my thoughts spin out of control, leaving me exhausted and restless.

I can feel it by the number of tasks I start in a day only to leave unfinished and messy.

I can feel it by the task paralysis…that is where you know you have a to-do list a mile long but no motivation or energy to actually DO the tasks.

Was it the best timing to take on so many new things in life? No, probably not.

Will I (hopefully) look back in a year and be thankful we took the plunge? I’m praying so.

The most challenging part is upon us. It’s the finishing touches and the final good-byes. Most days, I can’t bring myself to look out across our back yard pond. It brings me too much grief to think it will no longer be our little slice of paradise.

Though we aren’t moving far, it is enough to make all things feel brand new, foreign in a way.

The good news is, there can be beauty in change. It’s a chance for new life, new inspiration, and growth. I just know the first time I hear those 10 little toes patter across the floor in hopes to find momma standing in the kitchen cooking pancakes on a Saturday morning that all will be well in our little world.

Until then, I must get up and actually DO all the things that need to be done.

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