Let’s Grow Together!

When I started gardening, I remember feeling as if I had found my purpose. I had been trudging through the trenches of mental health for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to feel pure joy again. On a whim, my husband and I paid a visit to our local hardware store for unrelated items when we walked past the garden section and ended up buying miscellaneous vegetables, bags of soil, and rail road ties (yikes, toxic but that is for a different conversation). When we got home, we worked diligently for a few hours to assemble and plant our very first garden together. I was unemployed at the time, having just graduated college and the job market sucked. So, every day I gardened. And every day I noticed the weight on my shoulders began to feel a little lighter until I was full on in a state of blissful peace and harmony with my home and life.

That feeling is ultimately what lead me to start this blog about homemaking, being a young wife at the time, and eventually expanded into all things garden and homestead. The fire that lit within my soul illuminated this new world I was so unfamiliar with yet so intrigued by.

A few vegetable plants pre-started at the store turned into a seed buying obsession

which then turned into adding our “gateway” animals…chickens…

12 of them to be exact. But we were on a roll so why not hatch some of our own AND buy more!?

Then our little 8′ x 16′ garden turned into 5,000 sq ft of fenced in, raised bed goodness AND my very own greenhouse.

We’ve added several fruit bearing trees, vines, plants, and bushes that will give us food year after year with minimal effort and I’m growing my most extensive list of vegetables yet.

All the while I’ve shared this journey on my Instagram and found that many of my followers not only enjoyed the content but also became curious of how to do this for themselves as well.

I’ve spent countless hours watching videos, reading books, and speaking with other more experienced gardeners for real life tips and advice that I feel confident in sharing with you all on an as needed basis.

Gardening is meant to be fun and stress relieving, not the opposite! Does that mean you won’t have trials and failures? Absolutely not. The best piece of advice I have received is gardening is always about next year.

With all of that being said, click under the “garden consultation” tab, answer the few questions, and let me help you.

Happy growing friends!

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