Welcoming 2022 | Let’s Chat

2021 was a wild ride, maybe even more of a wild ride than the atrocious 2020.

It was wild in the best way for me and my family though. From an extremely successful garden season (even though we provided minimal effort) to growing our family and introducing our sweet baby boy; it’s sad to see 2021 go but 2022 seems like it will be even sweeter.

To be honest, I don’t know that I’ve had more than 2 seconds to consider any goals or dreams for the next 12 months but I’ll wing it as I write this post.

First and foremost, I’m introducing garden consultation this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing the art of gardening with anyone and everyone who will listen. I also love showing people ways to make it less intimidating. Needless to say, I’m so excited to help people create their yummy masterpieces.

Next, growing in motherhood. This one might be a given but post partum is hard. I thought I was prepared. I was, in fact, not. It hit hard, heavy, and fast. I’m waiting out for warm spring days where I can combine nature, the garden, and time with my boy in hopes to improve my mental health.

I would also love to increase how much food we store for the winter. We grew all the food last year and because of pregnancy fatigue, I dropped the ball on preserving a lot of it.

Trying my hand at a few more baking adventures is towards the bottom of the list but it’s definitely on there. I want to really do away with all store bought bread. It just sits like a brick in your gut and I hate the way I feel after.

Most importantly, I want to be a loving and patient wife and mother. I’ve fallen in love with homemaking over the last few years—hence this very blog. But now it is time to put my skills and passion to the test. I can already tell it won’t be easy but I’m giving myself grace.

Welcome to the new year friends. I would love to know some of your new year goals and dreams!

2021 Recap

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