The Perfect Savory Pie Crust | Simple Ingredients

My sister, sweet as she is, requested a homemade pie crust yesterday from her third trimester, very tired little sister. So, of course I obliged.

If I’ve ever been proud of myself as a homemaker, it’s when I have a stocked pantry on basics that allow me to make things like chicken pot pie on a whim.

Keeping things like chicken, frozen vegetables, and condensed soup is easy. It’s pie crust that can be a little tricky.

Lucky for you, if you have a few basic ingredients like flour, shortening, water, and salt then you can make a delicious pie crust as well that pairs perfectly with all your savory dishes.


  • 2 c all purpose flour
  • 1 c shortening (I used butter flavoring. so yummy!)
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 4-6 Tbsp water


  1. I combined my flour and shortening, cutting in the shortening until it created a fine crumble.
  2. Sprinkle in the salt and mash into crumbles again using a pastry cutter so as not to mash the dough.
  3. I then added my water and combined using a spatula before digging in with my hands to combine the dough well.
  4. Once smooth, I divided into 2 halves. One half for the bottom crust, one half for the top crust.
  5. Without allowing it to rest, I rolled out one dough ball into a sheet and laid over the pie dish, pressing in.
  6. Fill with your chicken pot pie filling or whatever dish you are making.
  7. Repeat step 5 and lay over the top.
  8. Brush with egg wash for a beautiful shine.
  9. To allow for the perfect crisp, I baked at 350 degrees farenheight until golden brown.

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