The Fall Garden | 2021

The garden season doesn’t stop as the heat begins to fade and leaves begin to fall. As a matter of fact, you can replant a plethora of goods that can feed and nourish your family through the winter months without fear of freezing.

This year in the fall garden, I’ve decided to keep things very simple and minimal as that is all the energy I have and will have seeing as though I’m due to give birth in no time at all.

We’ve planted 2 rounds of carrots, beets, lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, green beans (not frost tolerant), and a handful of herbs that I will transplant to pots when the frost begins to settle in.

With regards to eating seasonally, I always find myself craving dark leafy greens come December/January. Whether I want to cook them in eggs, quiches, or as a side for dinner; the extra nutrients are always welcome.

Where I live, hard frost damage doesn’t typically happen until late October and when that happens, I will put frost tunnels over our carrots and allow them to store themselves essentially in the ground. This means I’ll be pulling out fresh, crunchy carrots hopefully through majority of winter.

Collards and mustard greens are frost tolerant and rather hard to kill off so the same principal applies to them.

I’m thankful to be able to extend this gardening season since I spent the summer season unable to tolerate the heat and relatively sick due to pregnancy.

Happy growing, friends!

A refreshing drink from the irrigation.

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