4 Hooves, 1 Heart | Welcome Ruby Girl

That’s right. It’s not a teaser. We added our first big animal to the farm.

Like every other addition to our growing farm, Ruby was somewhat spontaneous.

We have talked about horses since before marriage and what that might look like for our future.

Very few people know this about me as it was relatively before the age of posting your entire life on social media but I used to be quite the cowgirl. I’ve grown up with horses since birth.

I’ve sorted cattle, competed in horse shows (qualifying for big titles, 1 horse pageant, and numerous rural trail rides.

I gave all of that up as I entered into my teenage years because I could not juggle sports, horses, and a severe knee injury that has left me with chronic pain for the rest of my life.

When I met my husband, he didn’t keep his love for horses a secret. As a matter of fact, his entire family remains in awe of the gentle giants.

I knew as we embarked on our journey to fully embracing the country life and farm life, we would eventually look out across the way to see our own 4-legged friends.

I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Ya know, baby on the way, house renovations to prepare for said baby, and every other farm chore we have going on.

It’s a lot. But in a good way.

This horse hasn’t been messed with much for quite some time, leaving her a bit of a fixer upper.

She doesn’t mind. We whistle, she comes running. And so far, as we’ve spent 2 days untangling her tail and mane—she’s as gentle as can be.

She also REALLY loves treats. Apple ones. A little spoiling never hurt anyone.

Being as though I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I can’t ride. My inexperienced husband who clearly has a heart for it, can. And he has. Both times we’ve messed with her.

His smile when atop Ruby, specifically riding into the sunset through a pasture of overgrown grass proved to be infectious.

The happiness my heart feels to give this ol’ girl lots of love and to watch my husband learn a new skill just as I did 18 years or so ago is a new level to our relationship.

I’m also so glad that our son will have exposure to big animals. Some of my best memories of childhood revolves around me and my first girl, Queenie, having picnics by the creek or hanging out in her stall. Life felt much more simple then.

All in all, we are welcoming this girl to the farm with open arms and hoping to find her a friend soon.

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