“Let’s get a dairy goat!”

That was the text I received today from my husband. Completely out of the blue but I guess not completely out of the question?

This is typically how we roll.

It’s not like we don’t have enough on our plate.

Baby coming soon. Chicken flock has outgrown our little coop meaning we need to build an add on. House renovations in preparation for the baby. Baby showers. Creating the nursery.

All while balancing 2 full time jobs, 3 dogs, 2 newly acquired cats, 2 kittens we can’t find homes for, a social life, relationships, and family time.

*phew*. I’m tired just typing all of that out.

I know us and I know that we aren’t the type of people who love to be busy. We also thrive with a loose routine.

So I’m curious as to how my husband thinks it is a good idea to add a dairy goat to our plate. Especially considering you have to milk it every 12 hours AND find something to do with the milk. I know for a fact I do not have time to add goat milk soap and products to my list of things to make or preserve.

On another note, the heat has now reached unbearable heights and I spend 5 minutes tops a day outside. It is as if I can feel my muscles deflate the minute 100 degree farenheight temperatures hit my body. What does that mean for my garden, landscaping, and interaction with the chickens? It’s practically non-existent.

The garden has gone to seed, powdery mildew, or bugs. I can’t bring myself to care.

This season of life just screams rest to me. Prior to conceiving, we were hard at it. I even wrote about that experience too. We were establishing gardens, adding supplies, and busy as could be. If I’m being honest, I would love to be relishing in the fruits of our hard labour for all those months but as I said, rest screams my name.

Rest it will be, then.

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