Spring Garden Update | It’s Time

If I’m being honest, I’m overwhelmed. We have so many things growing in the gardens at this time and so much more left to plant.

The strawberries are thriving, as you can see above.

We’ve also added so so so many perennial fruit bearing plants such as raspberries, blackberries, plums, peaches, apples, nectarines, cherries, and asparagus.

Our orchard is young. Though it has some blooms, I doubt we have much of a harvest this year but I would be happily surprised if we did.

When I think about all of the ways we will be able to share all of our hard work in just a few years, it brings me to literal tears. Fruit baskets perched on a table for a social evening and bushels delivered to all of our favorite people sounds so special.

We also have a plethora of other items growing including bush beans, pole beans, leeks, peanuts, potatoes, squash, beets, zucchini, salad mixes, kale, peas, and carrots. If all goes well, end of April will bring us some of our first harvests.

As for structure, we’ve established the arched trellises which will play such an important role later in the season. We’ve also built all of the raised beds I think we will build this year.

Yet, my mind still spins with all there is to do. This season is very conflicting. There’s so much to do though so much has already been done. We are still working hard sun up to sun down every day yet we will soon reap the benefits of what we’ve sown.

It is not lost on me what a blessing this life is. I would not rather be spending my evenings a couch potato nor binging any amount of Netflix.

When the afternoon falls quite of birdsong and the frogs take their stage, when the warm air brings about a slight chill, and when our muscles ache from all that we’ve done; it brings me peace to retreat inside with the love of my life and relax with each other. We always have so much to talk about—tomorrow’s new mercies and dreams.

I am yet again overwhelmed with gratitude and hungry for more of this homestead lifestyle. Happy growing, friends!

Hardening off tomatoes

So many pea blooms!
Happy carrots that are thriving!

As I walked to the garden in the morning light, I was taken back by the how different it already looked. Adding the height of the arched trellises immediately opening up the space and made it more interesting to the eye.

I almost can’t stand to wait to see it covered in pole beans as other vegetables grow around it.

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