100 Days of Growing Food

Do you hear it? Do you hear how the sounds of nature are changing as the days become longer and the sun seems to be a little warmer? Spring is almost here which in this house means fresh food is on its way.

We spent all day Monday finishing out cedar raised beds, seed starting for the summer garden, and planting a few things.

Like peas.

And lots of carrots.

I would venture to say that my husband and I have talked a minimum of 5 times about how excited we are to try sweet peas straight from the vine.

And don’t even get me started on the flavor of a fresh carrot. It’s so earthy yet sweet that you can’t stop eating them.

As we work our soil, we’re mending our souls. Whatever gloomy, depressive state winter has left us feeling; old things are becoming new. What better way to feel good and better connected to our environment than through food?

We live in a very exquisite growing zone as our season can be around 200 days long, give or take a little. That is double the amount of time compared to many around the world.

This year, I do not care if I fail over and over again. I’m going to try a million different ways to grow a portion of our food for the next 100 days. As of Monday, we have roughly 50% of our diets being seed started. We have peas that could be producing in roughly 50 days and carrots in about 70.

I plan to succession plant all throughout as well so that the food supply is constant and everything will not come to fruition at once.

Nevertheless, I’ve found my happy place again.

All of these cells are FULL now!

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