Goals for Growing Our Own Food | 2021

Call us ambitious, or maybe a little in over our heads but we have set some pretty large goals in terms of food production and storage this year.

Let’s start by prefacing this post with acknowledging the fact we went from a 16’ x 8’ growing space to that PLUS 48’ x 64’ growing space…

I’m laughing as I type that.

That is going from 128 square footage of grow space to 3,200 square foot of growing space…what is happening *me trying to frantically figure this all out*

Our “canning” garden in the morning frost. Still awaiting a few raised beds

We have even gone so far as to label our gardens as such

1. Market Garden- Fresh picking/cooking produce through the spring, summer, and fall.

2. Canning Garden- majority of produce to be used for canning storage.

My overarching goal as far as growing our own food for this year is that I do not want to have to buy a single parcel of green beans, tomatoes, or corn during or after the growing season.

Just because that is my goal, doesn’t mean that is all we are growing. We are introducing many new varieties and vegetables this year including Kholrabi, Rhutabags, peas, 12 different tomato types, ground cherries, radishes, multi-colored carrots, and much much more.

We are also trying our hand at growing our own potatoes this year. And much like everything else in our space, I have no idea where we are going to store all of this.

There is something that just feels so wholesome and pure about using our hands to work the earth in our favor. We are diving deep into managing our land in a way that not only provides sustenance but gives back to our environment (I.e composting, cover crops, recycling what we can for repurpose).

We may not can solve all of the problems in the world right now. We may not be able to control every facet of our life right now (or ever). But we can plant a seed and hope for the best.

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