Garden Update | Week 7

I’m writing this a little later than I like to update you all but this week has been so rainy that there hasn’t been much change!

I’ve already been dealing with blossom end rot on my squash and zucchini plants.

After watching some videos and doing some research, I can relatively conclude that the end rot is attributed not so much to our excessive amounts of rain but it’s more of a pollination issue.

My plants, though they are young, were having trouble pushing out those beautiful golden-yellow flowers and attracting the pollinators.

Would you believe that after I pruned some leaves (mainly the ones with hail damage), within 24 hours the plants CAME TO L I F E. I could visibly see increased production and healthier looking flowers!

I’ve also incorporated Neem Oil into my garden at this point as with the weather, rain, and early planting; I have 2 tomato plants that looked like they were beginning to get early blight. An unusual problem to have so early on in the year but after 3 days of neem oil use, the plants are looking much healthier.

Some of our issue this year is fighting already diseased or unhealthy plants from the store to our home.

Because we are so novice, I was very scared to have a garden that was completely started from seed.

However, to decrease cost and increase yield for next year, our garden will almost completely be started from seed. I have a handful of exotic tomato plants that i’ve talked about in previous Garden Updates that I’ve started from seed and I’m interested in seeing how those do compared to store bought transplants.

Without anymore rambling, here is a pictorial update of our garden as it’s been in the ground for 7 weeks!

This picture doesn’t necessarily pertain to the garden but I just wanted to show how my Day Lillies have bloomed…finally…2 months after everyone else.

The onions are currently thriving. I’m not sure but that is the crop I’m most excited for.

Evidence of blossom rot and residual hail damage.
You can see where I pruned back some leaves and some very healthy looking zucchini blooms!
FINALLY an Arkansas Traveler fruit! I actually screamed.
Our cucumbers that I seed started because I killed the first transplants. Or maybe the weather did.
Little bush beans that I started from seed and will continue to succession plant for 6 more weeks!

Overall, our garden is providing me with a sense of peace and purpose during this unpredictable time. Providing for my family and putting effort into growing our own food brings about satisfaction and a sense of pleasure that I didn’t know existed.

I’ve been frustrated and unsure weather I’m doing anything right in my garden this year as I’m self taught by watching videos and doing my own research. I could see where after one failed year, it would be easy to rid our hands of the back breaking work.

But I think our priorities have shifted and this is our new way of life. The thrill of always being a student in the garden as their is always something to learn and the joy that comes from sharing your harvest is unlike any other.

What are you enjoying planting this year? I would love to see your gardens! Tag me on Instagram @lifewithelizabethwitt__ or comment below.

With love, Elizabeth.

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