Garden Update | 6 Weeks in the Ground

We are only 6 weeks in to the 2020 gardening season and we are already seeing the fruits of our labor.

I would estimate that in 4-6 days we will be able to harvest our first squash and zucchini of the year. Last year, we planted our garden and harvested each food on a whim.

We had little knowledge and 0 experience. We basically dug holes, dropped in a few plants, and hoped for the best. Which in turn left us overwhelmed with most of our goods and I’m embarrassed to admit how much ended up going to waste.

Times are different this year and oh, how we have grown leaps and bounds in preservation knowledge and gardening knowledge.

We currently have 1.25 gardening seasons worth of experience under our belt and with each passing day, we find one new skill or tip that can push us further towards our goals.

As I was looking at my garden this morning, checking for damage or pest invasions I thought to myself, “I really regret that our garden has no dimension.”

I’m already eager for 2021 gardening season as I can’t wait to add vining and indeterminate varieties. I’ll also be putting my carpentry skills to the test as I want to build my own trellises verses purchase overpriced ones.

Here’s how things are looking for week 6:

Cherry Tomatoes are looking well despite hail damage on the leaves!
Some squash will be ready soon!
Photographic evidence that the cucumbers I seed started are doing well. The egg shells are for protection against caterpillars!
A very tiny zucchini.
Likely the teensiest jalepenos you’ve ever seen.
I seed started some exotic tomatoes wayyyy late but I’m sending multiple prayers up a day that these produce!

My garden is not perfect. I’m not sure such a thing even exists. Unless by definition you feel perfection means happiness brought to you by seeing your hard word pay off in the form of blooms and food. If that is the case, then my garden is on the brink of perfection.

I have weeds that need picked and hail damage that could be detrimental to my collards and squash varieties but nevertheless, I am growing food for my family. Two humans, 3 dogs, one very spoiled calico, and 12 chickens that will love any damaged or leftover garden scraps.

Gardening has made me a student again as I have so much to learn and have learned so much already.

Until next week, friends!

With love, Elizabeth.

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