Weekend Recap | Workin’ Around the House

Weekends spent working around the house are weekends well spent.

The physical demand of owning a home in the country is great, but the payoff a having a beautiful home that’s well kept is worth it all.

For the past two years, my husband has some how managed to get boxes of baby pine trees for free.

He and his family spent a few afternoons filling up a field with the pines trees. I preferred to “supervise” as the ticks and stickers are already rampant in that portion of the field.

It will be so fun to see the fruits of their labor in 20-30 years as pine trees billow from above.

Cache, our border collie finds great joy in plucking out the trees my husband just planted. I found this quite comical as his happiness is infectious.

Meanwhile, I kept a watchful eye on our rose bush all weekend as it is in full bloom.

I shared on instagram the significance of this rose bush and exactly why it’s so special. You can check that out @lifewithelizabethwitt__

I managed to sneak outside sunday morning after taking the dogs potty and feeding our chicks to pick a small bouquet which I placed in a good ol’ mason jar and placed them in a window sill.

There is something so refreshing about fresh flowers on the breakfast table or in window sills around the house. I have big plans to establish perineal flower beds of the next couple of years so that I can pick a variety of bouquets!

Three things that made me super happy this weekend were:

  1. Mowing the yard so my husband could rest when he got home.
  2. Lots and lots of dog walks
  3. Three cute little hummingbirds who are enjoying some homemade nectar on my front porch.

I would love to know what three things made you happy this weekend!

With love, Elizabeth.

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