Weekend Recap | Easter

This weekend was not quite as eventful as the last.

Where as last weekend was jam packed with creativity and construction (If you missed that post, check it out here), this weekend was filled with rest and little productivity.

I spent my saturday working as a COTA at a local hospital. Which given the circumstances isn’t ideal but allow me to expand on this thought.

For whatever reason, I do not find myself anxious walking through the doors of a hospital to work. I’m driven and motivated to do a job that brings me into contact with infectious diseases regularly all of which I abide by the given precautions.

My patients cannot help that they ended up in a situation to need rehabilitation just as I don’t get to always pick and choose the circumstances under which I treat. That’s a violation of ethical conduct and is unfair to say the least.

I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, I guess. I feel like that’s what everyone is doing anyway.

Moving on…

After my shift was over, I came home and evaluated our garden situation. The meteorologist is calling for FROST this week which really puts me in a pickle.

In hopes to avoid losing the warm weather plants we already have in the ground, we are making preparations to cover them.

Please, please let us not lose our plants.

The hours to follow were filled with binge-watching Yellowstone. It’s heavy but it is also sooooo good.

Then comes Sunday. Easter sunday to be exact.

Our morning started like so…

A “cowboy skillet” (i need to layoff the Yellowstone) packed with potatoes, bacon, onions, cheese, and perfectly cooked farm fresh eggs. It’s a splurge on the caloric intake but wow–so hearty.

I’m so into potatoes right now. I have no idea what’s going on but give me a baked potatoes with a little sea salt on it and that’s a perfect snack or side to a meal.

During breakfast, we streamed our church service which is weird, but welcomed. There’s something peaceful about forks hitting a plate as the preacher does his thing in a small cabin in the woods.

After breakfast, productivity ensued and I got ready, made a few candles, then decided I needed a nap. Rainy Sundays really get the best of me.

My hour and a half nap was followed by a brief period of working on the coop.

Well, I should elaborate. I didn’t do the work this time. I supervised but we are so close to being finished I can’t wait!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the quarantine gloom and doom is getting to be a little bit. I started off very motivated and as productive as one could be but here lately, I’ve been feeling “off”.

I won’t let it stop me or hinder and house project success. Today I will fix my coffee, my hair, and my bed and seize the day.

I hope you are all well during this time and find the same motivation to keep. going. no. matter. what.

With love, Elizabeth.

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