We Have No Idea What We Are Doing | Backyard Chickens

I truly wish I could share with all of you the beaming smile plastered across my husband’s face as we picked up our new chickens and toted them home.

While I am excited for this new adventure, I find myself filled with hesitation and somewhat fear.

We’ve talked about building a chicken coop and getting a FEW chickens for over a year now.

Did I know that day would come so soon?


How did this come about, you may ask? Well, I found a picture of an A-frame coop. Very DIY, very small, and buildable from materials we already had at the house (meaning money saver solution).

Jokes on me because I knew this would only be sufficient for my ambitious husband for a blip in time.

What started as a modest A frame has now evolved into a much larger, much fancier DIY coop. Which, might I add, involved 2 trips to our local Lowe’s for material. To top it off, a third trip will ensue before it’s all said and done.

Deep in thought as the construction process goes underway.

So, here we are friends. A chicken coop 4 times the size of what I was anticipating. A husband giddy with excitement. One very hesitant but obsessed Elizabeth. 3 curious pups. 1 oblivious cat (for safety reasons). And 12 baby chicks.

Stay tuned as I’m sure this will be a very rewarding and fun adventure to come.

“Mom, what have you done? What an unfamiliar smell!”

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