Spice up your Rice | Instant Pot Rice Recipe

For whatever reason, my survival food is rice. I think about it all day. I ask myself if I have enough in my pantry. I often wonder if it belongs with every meal. It doesn’t but whatever.

I’m partial to jasmine rice due to its naturally hearty flavor but I know many use white rice which is just as good.

Same with full bellies.

I have a not-so-secret love affair with my instant pot when it comes to cooking rice. Seriously, every batch turns out PERFECT.

Plus I can do 20 other things while the rice cooks for 10 minutes in a pressure cooker.

Many of you have probably stocked up on dry goods for the time beings so I wanted to share this simple switch that zhooshed up my rice.

It’s so simple really. This isn’t ground breaking but it changed my rice life, ya know?

Basically, instead of using water I use chicken broth with a dash of garlic powder.

Yep. Real rice connoisseur over here.

I follow the rice instructions on the back of the package but substitute broth for water.

And if I’m feeling really fancy I’ll use my frozen bone broth that comes from my hearty chicken croc-pot recipe. Talk about flavor explosion.

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