Herb Garden Turned Mini Potager

I did it. I found my motivation and inspiration to attempt an herb garden right outside of my back door. I’m thinking this my be my best gardening decision yet.

Perched on by back deck where the corner of the original meets the corner of our new, fancy deck addition sits and old metal wash bin now filled with potent soil and more herbs than I possibly know what to do with.

Pre-transfer. Perched on our rustic GMC bench.

I planted oregano…for pizza and pasta sauce of course.

I planted rosemary…for anything I think might fair well with this fragrant herb. Probably oven roasted potatoes and carrots (if I had to guess).

I planted basil…again we revert back to pizza and pasta. Maybe even a peach cream concoction too.

I planted thyme…for anything really. A little here and a little there.

I planted cilantro…because taco night just progressed to the next level.

I planted flat leaf italian parsley…soups, salads, and cold dishes galore.

I planted mint…because dessert looks better with a garnish and lemonade needs a little kick.

The best part of all of this?

It’s low maintenance and easily accessible. Meaning why the heck haven’t you planted one too, friend?

I’m hoping to incorporate these herbs into as many dishes as I possibly can. On a whim, I added rosemary sprigs to a deer cubed steak “stroganoff” type dish and WOW…that’s all I can say. Literally.

I also learned something in this process and I want to share the knowledge so if you decide to venture out too, you increase your potential for success.

Mint and rosemary are to be planted separately from your other herbs. 5 of my herbs reside in the wash bin and rosemary and mint each have their own little tubs of glory. This is because both tend to overgrow and take over the other herb friends.

We can’t have this.

When harvesting a sprig or leaf, never ever ever take more than 1/3 of your plant. And never cut off of a stem that has new growth.

The rest is pretty simple. Keep your soil moist and pray the sun shines feverishly in the weeks to come.

Happy herb planting, friends. Send me pictures of your creativity!

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