I Had to Learn How to do Laundry.

Please, I’m begging…explain to me how TWO people accumulate so. much. laundry. In a matter of 24 hours might I add.

Marriage and laundry are synonymous in this house. For whatever God forsaken reason, we accumulate atrocious amounts of laundry without children, with few outdoor chores, and without any other excuse really.

And I know what you’re thinking…

I can practically hear the comment in your head now…

“Elizabeth, why don’t you just do laundry more often?”

Listen up, buttercup…

I do at least one load of laundry a day. A DAY.

In a perfect world, I would have what I’d like to call “Laundry Day”. Be it a Monday or Thursday afternoon–I would have a time specifically designated to this task.

But I don’t live in a perfect world. I live in a world where two adults feel the need to change clothes 4 times a day, apparently.

And after months and months of my husband harped on me–gentle harping that is, I realized I was doing this ONE thing that was more than doubling my “put up” time.

I’m sure y’all have heard that saying where they say “washing time = 1 day. Folding and putting up time = 5-7 business days”. Or something like that.

Well, it’s true. Because I would rather wash clothes all day long than have to chip away at a massive pile folding, tucking, straightening, and reversing the shirt/pants inside out.

That’s where I had been wrong my whole laundry doing life.

Ya see, when I go to put on my comfies for the night I discard my top and bottom without and regards to how. As in, cross arms in from and lift from the bottom. Which does what, you might ask.

It turns the clothing article inside out. Pants, shorts, and shirts alike are ALL INSIDE OUT and they stay that way throughout the laundering cycle.

I remember the first time my husband asked my why I discarded my clothes like so. I honestly looked at him like, “what are you talking about?”

But now I know.

If I got to fold and put away an entire load (or more like 4, let’s be honest here) that doesn’t contain a single article of clothing that’s inside out–things go so much faster.

I’m whippin’ through, sorting and folding like a mad woman when I don’t have to stop and flip everything right side out, then sort into their designated “fold” or “hang” piles, then fold or hang them…ya get the picture.

How this little detail slipped my mind for so many years, i’ll never know but friends I am telling you now; this is a game changer.

Sincerely, a young wife who hates folding clothes and also feels guilty when things aren’t put away immediately.

2 responses to “I Had to Learn How to do Laundry.”

  1. I have found that hanging everything straight from the dryer as soon as it is done leaves very little folding and if I put all on top of washer (which is in my bathroom) I can tackle it while my makeup is drying in the morning. ♥️


    • I used to be SO GOOD at this routine in college. Ask Cayce (hehe) but I swear this is just one of many things added to a new routine that makes things challenging! Maybe increased productivity is my goal for the next year!


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