The Purest Thought

So, I’m on a journey. It’s rather new and ever evolving as I delve into a great unknown of homesteading knowledge. With that comes many experiments and trying new things, well, almost every day. Most of the time my husband is informed of these “experiments” but sometimes I leave a few details out.

When I leave details out, I find that our ideas of how things should play out are often different.

I have spent hours…no seriously, hours…researching how to seed start and what exactly “germinating” means.

SO, naturally I got over excited at the first sign of warmer weather and decided to start carrot seeds, spinach, and lettuce seeds in teensy pea pots.

Turns out during the germinating process they can be stored indoors in poorly lit rooms UNTIL you see a little bitty sprout.

So I’ve read.

If you don’t feel like this is true, don’t come for me. WE ARE EXPERIMENTING OVER HERE, OKAY!


Yesterday, I walked past our mudroom multiple times where said seedlings are currently being stored and after about the third time of walking past and the light being on I began to think to myself, “I know I just turned this light off.”

4 instances later and I call out to my husband, “BAAABE, are you turning this light on in the mudroom?”

To which he replied the PUREST thought I swear I’ve ever heard in my life.

He said, “Well yeah because I thought your seeds might have needed a little extra light today.”

Pure. as. all. get. out. (southern phrase. sorry)

I think I actually melted.

Ya see, I had been at work all day and this man not ONLY checked to make sure they stayed moist enough, he kept the light on for them.

If that isn’t true, unadulterated support from a spouse I don’t know what is.

I guess my point in this post is to never settle. My husband supports me on so many odd endeavors and I could literally weep at how underserving I feel about this.

It’s so important to support each other regardless of the circumstance and it makes the relationship a lot more fun.

That’s one thing I can truly say about my relationship is I don’t feel like I’ve lost my individuality. We are different and have different interests at times but we are also in SYNC with developing a home life we are proud of and that’s sustainable.

For this, I’m so thankful.

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