A List of Christmas Movies for the “Ba! Humbug!” Christmas Movie Watcher

Christmas movies, specifically those aired repeatedly on the Hallmark channel over and over again, are my very own epitome of a love-hate relationship.

Most are predictable, all include cheesy plot lines–but we watch them anyway. I will admit, this year over any other year I’ve been more excited than ever to really embrace the holidays–music, movies, and all. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of Christmas movies from someone who isn’t o b s e s s e d but occasionally likes to indulge in the cheesy goodness.

Holiday in Handcuffs

I have been in love with this romantic comedy since the first year it came out. Between Melissa Joan Hart’s somewhat dry humor and the utterly predictable plot line, I find myself excited to re-watch it year after year.

Holiday in the Wild

This one is a netflix special and I LOVED it, or maybe I should say “WE” because my husband ended up loving it as well. Also, not 100% percent predictable– maybe like 98% but still so so good.

A Christmas Prince

I didn’t so much as looove the casting of the prince in this movie, but the main female character stole the show for me. I loved her simple, down-to-earth approach throughout both movie 1 and 2 (yes, there is a part 2). I also really enjoyed her bubbly personality without being over the top. The plot line is again, predictable, but I was sucked in from the get go.


This movie had me all over the place in terms of crying and laughing. However, I think I’m the only odd one who would cry at how stinking cute the baby reindeer was. I found this one on Disney+ and to be honest I will probably watch it again before the season is over. So. funny. Anna Kendricks sense of humor has always been one of my favorite!

White Christmas

The old fashioned soul in me had to with this one! White Christmas is a classic to say the least and just so happens to be the one Christmas movie I love to leave playing in the background while I clean or cook. I’ll occasionally take a break and watch a scene here and there–that is up until a day or two before Christmas. Then, for whatever reason, I’ll sit down (usually with my mom) and watch from beginning to end.

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