Beauty Gift Guide

No Christmas gift guide in this day and age would be complete without an entire post being dedicated to just beauty.

Maybe you’re a husband or boyfriend completely clueless about what to get *cough* (insert husband here) or maybe you’re tired of seeing the same beauty products talked about time and time again.

Either way you’re here and reading so I hope this points you in the direction you were trying to head!

I’m N O T a know-it-all when it comes to the latest and greatest trends. Semi in the know and semi I just know what I love.

I also don’t have $600 to splurge on any form of skin care or make-up product so I guess you could say this will be a really simple version of beauty.

Beauty to me extends beyond just superficial means. As cheesy as it sounds, beauty extends from the inside out. Trust me, I know because I was once an incredibly angry, lost soul dressing up my miserable self with tons of make-up and clothes that would never amount to anything. Also, drink more water and take several deep breaths–both a free.

Shout out self-reflection and growth!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling now!

You might find some of these will work better as stocking stuffers or a “beauty box” type of idea because like I said, nothing is just sham-wow knock your socks off extravagant. Check back in 10 years. Hehe.

  1. Lancome Absolue Powder | My shade is Absolute Peche. Okay, do not be mad at the price of this product. I agree, it’s ridiculously expensive BUT I have not once regretted this purchase. When I bought it, I intended to use it as a holiday all over setting powder–which looked STUNNING. However, I noticed that my skin started to get texture and break out in certain places (I am so sensitive on my face) so I dialed it back and use it as a highlighter every. single. day. I also used this on 2 brides and it photographs so stunning. I cannot deal.
  2. Sephora Lip Gloss | This is hands down my favorite lip gloss ever. It’s inexpensive, it smells sooo good, and I feel like it looks good on anyone. Right now I wear this whether I’m wearing make-up or not. I have my exact shade linked.
  3. Kenra Hot Spray | I talked about this on my instagram stories a few days ago and I have fallen head over heels with this product. My mom is the hair queen–seriously, she had not gone a day without fixing her hair perfectly in over 20 years. She had just purchased this product and I loved it so much she went ahead and gave it to me. The SMELL is soooo good and clean and my curls hold so much better.
  4. Aloe Vera Face Toner | This is probably my most repurchased skin care item. It’s gentle and soothing for my often irritated and red skin. I love to give my face a once over before applying my make-up and I notice it wears so much better throughout the day. Matter-of-fact, I need to purchase a new bottle like yesterday!
  5. Becca Backlight Facial Primer | This is my go-to primer during the winter months. It helps my skin stay hydrated and give such a nice subtle glow!
  6. Jaclyn Hill Brush Set | This is such a splurge but as someone who does basic make-up–like an occasional smokey eye and super simple contour routine– I never find myself without a brush that I need. I bought this set for my wedding over a year and a half ago and have found that my brushes have excellent durability and my make-up looks exactly how I want it. Unless of course I lack the artistry skills. Oops.
  7. Hydrafacial | I actually have an entire blog post about my experience comeplete with a youtube video. I’ll link that! If I wanted the ultimate self-care experience as a Christmas gift, this would be it! I hate pain but love feeling pretty so this was definitely the facial for me!
  8. Elemis Eye Masks | I’m basically pro collagen anything at this point. I personally don’t suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles; I really just enjoy the feeling of pampering myself and these do just that!
  9. Conair Curling Iron | Now, I get it. Conair isn’t exactly a brand you would have in mind when it comes to adult hair styling tools. However, I get asked literally all of the time how I get my curls. I have for years. And for years I have used the exact Conair curling iron from Wal-mart that I bought in the 7TH GRADE! That was 11 years ago! It has literally been out of the country and back with me and I’ve never had a problem. (Fingers crosses I’m not jinxed myself writing this). I couldn’t find my exact black and silver version because it’s just THAT old but I’m pretty sure this is their new cute version. Plus it’s under $20.

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