The Hydrafacial | An Attempt to Quit Wearing Make-Up Everyday

So, I got a facial. To be honest, this was only my second facial ever and I think i’m hooked.

The first facial I ever got was about 5 months ago and it hurt so bad that it left me thinking, “maybe this whole fancy skin care routine isn’t for me.” I mean, imagine course sandpaper being rubbed all over your face for 45 minutes.

Never. Again.

However, the hydrafacial was a completely different experience.

It was completely painless and I left GLOWING! You may be wondering, “What even is a hydrafacial?”

A hydrafacial consists of 3 steps and only takes 30 minutes.

  1. Cleanse and Peel : gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing
  2. Extract and Hydrate : Removes debris from pores with suction and nourish with hydration
  3. Fuse and Protect : Saturates the surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow

The cost varies depending on location but to me, it was worth every penny. I really struggle during the cooler months to maintain smooth skin. My t-zone will dry out and peel regardless of how much sugar scrubbing I do. This facial technique really infused my skin with a hydration unlike anything i’ve ever experienced.

The best and worst part?

The esthetician showing me how much oil and other disgusting stuff she got out of my face. I literally wanted to vomit. I had no idea that even though my skin looked clean, it really wasn’t.

Now, as a blogger i’m sure you want to see some before and after pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any because my skin is so broke out from hormones right now that it honestly would not have done it justice. I also should have taken a picture of the horrid mixture which she extracted from my face but talk about embarrasinggggg. Maybe next time, friends.

I’m pretty sure I will be gifting tons of hydrafacials to friends and family alike because I truly loved it so much. Also, who wants to feel like they have to wear make-up everyday? Not me.

Still not convinced? Check out this super informative video I found!

Hydrafacial Video

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