My Everyday Make-Up Products | Drugstore Alternatives Included

If you follow me on instagram (@lifewithelizabethwitt_), then you will have seen my IGTV where I show how I do my make-up every day. I hope that I mentioned and showed every product but just in case, I thought I would provide links where I purchase them. I also wanted to include my drugstore alternatives that I have used in the past and loved.

I am in a position now where I have taken the time to learn my skin and which products work for which season. For example, I have to use “dewy” hydrating products starting in fall through spring because my cheeks and nose dry out and peel.

With all of that being said, here is my list of products I’m currently loving and using (almost) everyday. They are listed in the order in which I use them.

  1. Simple Lotion
  2. EOS Lip Balm
  3. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue
  4. NARS Foundation
  5. KatVonD Eyebrow Pencil
  6. Concealer
  7. Translucent Setting Powder
  8. Eyeshadow Pallet
  9. Bronzer
  10. Blush
  11. Highlighter
  12. Setting Spray
  13. Mascara
Drugstore Alternatives

Just a little side note that I use the same buffing techniques when applying drugstore or high-end products.

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