How To Get Throw Pillows for $14 | Washable & Customizable

Throw pillows can really cozy up a home. I love them and I have plenty of them. However, I could not justify spending $25-$80 on a throw pillow. That’s when I discovered this trick!

It’s no secret that my dogs stay inside my house 80% of the time. They are the biggest cuddle bugs which means they lounge on my throw pillows and furniture. With that being said, I need something that’s easy to clean and interchangeable for the seasons.

So, let me break this down for you:

Depending on which pillow insert you buy, you are looking at $10-$14 per throw pillow! That’s cheaper than I’ve ever found.

There are tons of stores that sell pillow covers of all sorts so if you have a particular style, all you have to do is google pillow covers and browse around.

This is my new favorite way of decorating with pillows (even though my husband h a t e s them). You can just take the cover off and wash them, as well as, switch out cases for each season.

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