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June. This month used to mean relatively nothing to me…just a summer month off of school which usually meant dreadful heat waves and a lot of fishing. But now, it is so much more.

June is the month of my wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. Fun fact: they are only 2 days apart (WHAT WERE WE THINKING!? That makes for a difficult turn around with gifts, haha!)

I have loved this June as I wrapped up my last semester for school where I would just be sitting at a desk (Yay for less back pain!), I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary with my sweet husband, and I really put in some work here on the blog.

I want to start doing a cumulative monthly review of all of my favorite things for each month. I know this is a pretty typical type of post but my life is so divided by seasons right now that I figured it would be very fitting.

This post will be across a wide variety of topics and items so bear with me. I can be all over the place.

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Water Gel

So, I used to tan in a tanning bed wayyy back in high school and not to long after I had a spot come up that looked really abnormal. I had it checked out and THANKFULLY it was not anything serious but it was enough to put the fear of God in me so I absolutely refuse to get in a tanning bed. Any tan I have comes from being outside (usually mowing or fishing) or this baby right here. I have used several “popular” self tanners and I have found that this works best for me and is well worth the price point. It retails at $44 for almost 7 oz. However, I am on my second bottle and I get roughly 15-20 uses (whole body) from one bottle. I love it! It smells great, DOESN’T TRANSFER TO YOUR CLOTHES, and spreads so easily due to the gel formula.

Dog Car Seat Cover

I take my dogs pretty much every where with me. Therefore, I really needed something to save my seats because it is summer, they are outside more, which means the shedding and dirt are REAL. I’ve actually had this product for a few months but it is really starting to show its purpose. It contains the hair and dirt, is super easy to wash or vacuum, and allows ventilation due to the netting…which is a huge life saver considering my dogs are long-haired and get hot easy. The clips on the side really keep it in place and it even has a way to click them in for safety.

Scrub Daddy

This is such a silly favorite but truly practical in my case. I don’t have a dishwasher. I am the dish washer and I can be a bit of a germaphobe so I needed something to clean, and I mean REALLY clean. A scrub brush wasn’t cutting it as far as getting down in my glasses or coffee cups and I prefer not to use a sponge so cue this guy. It literally looks like a little yellow smiley face. The “mouth” is for scrubbing spoons. It gets a super flexible soft texture in hot water and stiffens up in cold water so it can clean a variety of messes. It also is round so when you shove it in a glass, it is cleaning allllll the way around.

Sunscreen for a Sensitive Face

Y’all, I have SUCH sensitive skin on my face. So much so that if I use anything other than this sunscreen on my face, I will have breakouts but nightfall. It doesn’t really have a smell and it dries in a non-sticky way. I’m no expert but if you find yourself breaking out after a day outside, it might be your sunscreen and this might help!

Cold Brew Coffee

I did a post all about how I make my morning coffee.

Perk: Its a dupe for Chik-Fil-A’s Vanilla Iced Coffee. Check out the post here.

This brand of cold brew is still my absolute favorite and I reach for it almost every morning.

The Perfect Summer Blanket

I just did a post about how I cozy up my home with throw blankets. In that post, linked here, I mention a blush knitted blanket. I am one of those people who really really likes to be cold in their own house just so I can wear sweatshirts and snuggle in blankets and still be comfortable. However, in the summer, I find more comfort under a knitted blanket verses a huge furry one. So, this one is definitely my recommendation. Plus, it comes in five colors!

All images are from sites directly linked to that product.

2 responses to “My June Favorites | Home and Lifestyle”

  1. You know, I’ve seen the scrub daddy around and thought it was so funny. But I might need to pick it up, because I too am the dishwasher and love to make sure everything is super clean lol
    Also I’m gonna need one of those knit blankets


    • I definitely think it is worth the $3 investment! At one point, I was using a scrub brush, tooth brush, and rag for different dishes to try and get all of the stuff off but now I just use one thing and that saves soooo much space! Let me know if you like it! 🙂


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