Cozy Up Your Space |Simple & Inexpensive

Let’s talk about texture, mixing textures, and throw blankets. Texture can simply mean diversifying your decor.

When moving into my now-home with my husband, I remember the space feeling cold and uninviting. It had the cozy cabin appeal, it just lacked whatever it was to make it feel like a place to snuggle in and read a good book after a long day.

I played around with furniture, personalized pictures, and worked endlessly to keep the space clean but something still didn’t feel right.

I added rugs and while that seemed to make things better, it still wasn’t just right. Cue throw blankets.

You would be amazing at how quickly throw blankets can cozy up a space!

We have hardwood floors in the living room, tile in the bedroom, a thin quilt on the bed (as you can see behind me), and leather furniture. By simply adding a plush throw blanket, it completely transforms the space.

I even like to mix textures of throws. For example, on my bed (pictured above) you can see I have a blush knitted throw over the foot of the bed and a super soft, long haired throw (linked here) in a contrasting color laying over it. By the time I made and added some throw pillows, I had quickly and simply created a comfortable, relaxed space to rest.

I also had my dad make me a blanket ladder. Our guest book for the wedding was signed quilt squares later made into the most beautiful quilt. I knew I had envisioned a lounge area in our bedroom (as it is 3x the size of the rest of the house), and in it I wanted to display that special piece.

Because our ladder is SO large (Dad did not beat around any corners… I mean, it is HEAVY), I decided to add another super fluffy blanket. So, as of right now our sitting area consists of two simple grey chairs (linked here), a homemade blanket ladder with super fluffy blankets. Here is a dupe for the super thick grey one! After a little saving, I bought a navy blue shag rug, made 2 throw pillows on my own, and added some greenery.

It turned out to be a great simple, yet cozy space to read a good book, drink a glass of tea, or have a heart-to-heart.

If you find yourself in a bland house or apartment with limited funds, I encourage you to try placing throw blankets both in your bedroom and living room. Drape them over your most undesirable places, maybe even add a throw pillow, and watch your space transform.

A mustard yellow throw blanket and throw pillows took this futon couch up a level in cozy!

Diversify the style and texture of your blankets, throw pillows, and rugs. Blankets are easy to wash, transport, and restyle.

Yellow Blanket: Linked here


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