One Pot Taco Mess | Perfect for When You’re Low on Groceries

My momma, bless her, she’s been an excellent cook my whole life. I think the think I love most about her cooking is how simple it always was. She could take 3 ingredients and make a whole meal, of which I would consume in large amounts. This recipe is seriously one of my childhood favorites and when it came time to cook supper last night I realized we were super low on groceries when I remember, I have some staples that I could whip this up!

I’m calling this recipe a taco mess because a. Taco seasoning and b. Meat and rice dish didn’t sound appealing. It’s super simple and bound to feed a whole family! I was able to have plenty left over for another 2 meals today! I kept the simple theme by oven roasting some zucchini and potatoes, but I also enjoy it when I make it into a salad of sorts.

I’m a ranch addict and my husband likes sour cream and I found that it is delicious topped with both! Hope y’all enjoy!

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