What We Did For Our Anniversary Trip| Simple & Fun

I find it kinda funny how we live in a cabin in the woods only to take a trip to a cabin in the woods but the significance of the place was too special not to go!

Our anniversary weekend getaway was filled with laughs, quality time, and pure bliss! We chose to keep it super simple this year because a 5-week summer course for school is NO JOKE. I have tests every Monday and Tuesday, which means I (should) be studying all weekend. I figured why not take a short little break and enjoy some much needed 1-on-1 with my sweet husband. Plus, the mountain we spent the weekend on was part I of our honeymoon just 1 short year ago!

We kept the weekend as simple and technology free as possible, leading us to make such precious memories filled with laughter and fun.

We started our Saturday with a big pot of coffee and a home cooked breakfast. Once our food settled, we set off on our tandem bike for a 4.5 miles ride around the mountain. You would have thought we were kids who had just learned how to ride with all of our giggles; not to mention we were sure to be center of attention. I guess it’s not every day around here you see a tandem bike.

After our (what felt like an EXTENSIVE) bike ride, we found ourselves headed to the pool. I commend a husband who is willing to lounge by the pool with his wife without a complaint!

I feel like I can’t hang like I used to after a day in the sun so a nap was NECESSARY. My husband always jokes how cranky I am when I get tired. And a fun fact about me is that when I wake up from a nap, I HAVE to eat a snack. I literally feel like I can’t properly wake up without food. Which leads me to one of the biggest laughs of our weekend when my husband thinks I have gotten up to go to the bathroom when I tromp back in with an oversized bag of Cracker Jacks. I hadn’t even muttered a word when CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH…what can I say?

A hike to the waterfall and around the side of the mountain followed our sun time. All I can say is, thank goodness for that nap! It was hot and we were sweaty but we quickly found ourselves settling into deep conversation about life and the uncertainty of the months to come—with graduation and job searches, we anxiously await the future. There is something so special about uninterrupted time doing adventure with your significant other.

Following the hike came supper and sunrise. Oh, what a peaceful time. We sat on the back patio and grilled, then hopped back on the tandem bike and rode down to sunset point. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Life seems kinda busy for me right now as my college education comes to an end. I’m thankful for the chance to unwind and unplug for a weekend in the midst of it all. When I get rushed, busy, or overwhelmed I find myself shutting down and shutting out. If you’re anything like me, I 10/10 recommend a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods on the mountain! It is easy to find yourself connecting on a deeper level with your partner with fewer distractions—and for this I am thankful.

With love, Elizabeth.

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