Need More Counter Space? | The Most Functional Coffee Bar for Small Spaces

Having a coffee maker in our house is not an option, it is a MUST. We have even gone as far as to percolate our coffee when the power was out. Coffee. Addicts. *sigh*

So, when I moved in post-wedding, I diligently began unpacking and organizing our quaint little kitchen only to realize there was, like, 0 counter space.

Here I have this beautiful Kitchen Aid Mixer and fancy Ninja coffee maker with no room to display or make use of them. In addition to no counter space, there is hardly any cabinet space. We toyed around with the idea of building new shelves and adding another counter unit before I finally had the idea to have a coffee bar. However, my search was tedious because I had very little space to accommodate.

I think with all things in mind, I found the perfect one for our space!

If you might be interested in this cute coffee unit, check out all the details here.

So, a quick run through of how I style this piece. As you can see, I keep my oversize fruit bowl in the middle and it is ALWAYS stocked with avocado, oranges, and apples. Every once in a while I throw in pears, limes, lemons, or bananas. On the top, I just have my two essentials, my electric copper tea kettle and my Ninja 3-in-1 Coffee Maker.

Along the left, you can see 6 cute cubby holes. These are perfect for storing easy access coffee cups or wine! And in the door, I have stored wine glasses and any additional miscellaneous coffee cups.

But wait! There is more! Which is part of why I really love this addition to our home. Along the right side, there are these super convenient shelves where I store jars of creamer, hot cocoa, teas, to-go cups, syrup, and coffee grounds. Everything I need to make a specialty coffee in the morning is all stored in this little space!

In the corner of this picture you see stacked water and gatorade, which yes I could have cropped out BUT, I am hoping one day when I look back on this post– I see that stack of liquid and am so grateful this current time passed. We are facing major flooding in my home state, of which could cause and is causing blocked roads, inaccessible roads, and power outages. So, what you see is our preparation and that is real life.

With love, Elizabeth.

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