We Rescued a Dog and Nothing Went As Planned

Our Aspen girl is the apple of our eye, but the road to manners and cuddles hasn’t always been an easy one.

Ya see, almost immediately after getting married I told my husband I wanted a Golden Retriever. I really felt like our Border Collie, Cache, needed a friend when we were away. I searched and searched and had almost found one when I get a text from the hubs.

Not just any text though. A picture of a precious little girl, ribs showing, hair falling out, and severely malnourished.

I knew immediately we needed to get her help and that she would be coming home with us. I had small hope that we would find her original owners…

And if we did, does she look like this from neglect, trying to escape a bad situation, or just got lost roaming?

When I first met her, I was met with such tender love. It’s like she immediately took to me as her protector and she had my heart. Her sad eyes looked to me as if they were saying “Please help me.”

I was so sad that this beautiful dog who had so much to offer the world could be in such bad shape.

Our local vet took great care of her for a few days before we finally brought her home. She had to have surgery and extra lovin’ before she was ready to be in our care.

But, the moment we brought her home you could tell she was where she belonged. Instead of smelling the yard or marking her territory, she IMMEDIATELY jumped on the couch and laid down.

Her new brother also took to her (as evidenced by the picture) almost instantly.

The first couple of months were HARD. She has a breed in her that likes to roam and wander regardless of how much love and security you provide them.

  • Every time we took her outside, she had to be on a harness and leash.
  • She broke 2 leashes and ran off, leaving us running around like crazy trying to catch her
  • She has chewed through 4 harnesses!! (Which are expensive)
  • She chewed our brand new table (the one you saw in this post)
  • She’s pooped and peed in every house we have taken her too
  • She chewed up my AirPods. I had them for a week
  • She chewed 2 remotes
  • She hates the kennel. She whines the entire time.
  • She tried to dig out of our brand new pen that’s large enough for plenty of exercise


The good outweighs the bad by a million miles.

  • She talks so much. Like we always know exactly what she is thinking.
  • She is a SNUGGLE BUG
  • She loves Cache.
  • She is our protector.
  • She knows when I’m anxious and she will not leave my side
  • She runs from the vacuum cleaner which is really funny considering she’s the one who sheds everywhere!!!
  • She is always willing to clean my plate so not wasting or resources here.
  • She is finally off the leash!!! She doesn’t run off anymore. Finally…9 months later.
  • She loves her cot and memory foam pad.
  • She’s sassy.
  • She requires so much love but also likes her space
  • She couldn’t swim at first but loves the water sooo with several practice swims, she’s obsessed now.
  • She is so kind to other dogs. Unless she feels like she needs to protect me. Which has only happened once. (Sorry Britt and Sadie Jo)
  • She’s my best gal-pal.

Rescuing this wild girl was absolutely nothing like we expected. It’s been a lot of work. A lot of self-less love but worth every moment. When she wakes me up in the morning, I wouldn’t give up her snuggles and kisses for anything.

Watching her open her first Christmas presents was everything.

If you can rescue a dog, please extend your love. They need us.

I think there is something to be said about the type of person who can give so much love to something that ultimately gives you nothing in return…

Except they give you everything in return.

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