Table for 4 to Table for 10 | Maximizing Space in a Small Home

I moved into a bachelor pad.

In the realm of dating, it is easy to visit your boyfriend at his house where all of his things are. You are there for a couple of hours, maybe even the whole day, and all seems cozy and functional, right? Well, then reality hit.

Fast forward a year and one wedding later, the harsh reality that his humble, cozy cabin in the woods seemed A LOT smaller with two people living there full time.

All of room he thought he had was soon over populated by shoes, kitchenware, and clothes; so much so that I donated 3 car loads of stuff to our local shelter.

(Actually ashamed I had that much more than I actually needed but that is a post for another time.)

When we registered for our wedding, we (I) went c.r.a.z.y on kitchen stuff because there are few things I love more than kitchen gadgets.

Yes, I need an avocado storage container specifically for my unused half.

Yes, I need 4 types of serving plates.

Yes, I need every type of spatula available to me.

Yes, I need 6 different coffee mugs highlighting the fact that I am now a “Mrs.”

Well…you get the point.

I have loved being in the kitchen helping my souther momma cook for as long as I can remember. She lives in a comfortable size house with a kitchen well-equipped with storage for all of her gadgets. SO WHY COULDN’T I?

Do not get me wrong, I love our little cozy cabin. It brings us closer and seems straight out of Sweet Home Alabama in the fall but I. Had. No. Where. To. Put. My. Stuff.

So what did I do?

I called my dad.

Here is what our table situation looked like prior to Project Dad.

Simple, right? My husband loves a clean surface and when it was just us two, we had plenty of room. However, this did nothing to help the fact that we had kitchen utensils stored in our bedroom and if family came over; you could forget sitting comfortably around the table.

To solve this problem, I had this vision of a farmhouse style booth in the same corner the table was already in. Other than one side of the table having a moveable bench, all seating would be bench seating where you could life up the fusion and store things beneath them.


My sweet daddy and loving husband spent a whole day building me this bench set-up. Three things:

  1. Watching my husband learn from the man I have trusted most in my life is something so special and a memory that I will always have each time we sit around that table.
  2. Me and my sister were just off to the side putting together a puzzle, something we love to do.
  3. Our little cabin truly started to feel like OUR home and not just my husband’s house.

It was a process of picking just the right paint to match the custom built table, as well as finding the right upholstery for the cushions but we did and I LOVE IT.

The best part about this entire corner of our home is that everything is homemade. All but the copper pitcher and shakers on the table come from local businesses that provide quality products.

So, if you’re reading this: Thank you, Dad. We simply couldn’t have done it without you.

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