11 of My Most Used Wedding Registry Gifts

Registering for our wedding was one of the more fun aspects of the planning process. The hubs and I spent an entire day going to various stores and scanning well over 300 items we were certain we couldn’t live without.

Little did we know we wouldn’t use more than half of them on a regular basis.

I see several girls around my age exactly where I was almost a year ago, which prompted me to dissect our wedding gifts and create a list of my most used items.

  • #11- Dish towels. Yes, of all the exciting things you could register for I am beyond thankful I went overboard on these seemingly unimportant tools. But Let me tell you, life gets busy and messy and by washing a few towels as compared to 4845 paper towels; you are doing the earth a favor.
  • #10- Travel Pillows, the kind you cinch around your neck on your plane ride to your honeymoon. Of all the expenses we had starting out, I did not want to spend money on these. However, I would not have survived the plane ride back to the U.S…because how were first time fliers supposed to know booking a flight back into the country required a 3-hour early arrival!? 1:30 a.m. came early for these newlyweds.
  • #9- Bedding. Just trust me on this. While it may seem expensive or that you are asking a bit much, you will be thankful that when you arrive back home to bedding that is fresh and new just for the couple, well, it begins that transition into creating a home together.
  • #8- Pillows. You do NOT want to start marriage, in a new house, in new bedding with a musty old pillow. Luckily, my sweet Grandmother-in-law splurged for use! We have these and they are life. changing.
  • #7- Preferred Cook Books– My favorites are this and this
  • #6- Storage Baskets. When combining your items under one house hold, you will find yourself perplexed as to where the heck to put everything. Baskets. Need a place for kitchen miscellaneous? Baskets. Need to shove your make-up somewhere? Baskets. The possibilities are endless. I registered for larger ones and smaller ones and I am so thankful I did!
  • #5- A Steamer. I had never steamed anything a day in my life and now I couldn’t get by without one. Try this one if you steam only a few things like blouses and medical scrubs!
  • #4- Electric Tea Kettle. Because who doesn’t love to pretend they are from London while sipping tea and cookies on a rainy day? I went for a copper look like this one.
  • #3- Glass Food Storage Containers. Better for you, the environment, and keeping your food fresher, longer. I swear by these!
  • #2- Knives. And when I say knives, I mean KNIVES baby. I recently started using the super expensive set after using our common set and let me just say…GAME CHANGER. Good knives slide through even the toughest textures like butter. We are so thankful that we were gifted this beautiful set.
  • #1- A Pet Hair Vacuum. With 2 inside/outside puppers and a sassy cat, I needed something lightweight, portable, and cordless to run over my upholstery every day which is why this was a l.i.f.e.s.a.v.e.r.

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